Interior decoration

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Interior decoration

Our designers permeate every design through the skillful use of structure, craftsmanship, materials, color, and the precise balance of functional requirements and visual effects and comfort。In the process of construction, we always insist on paying attention to every detail in the first place。At the same time, it has expanded the application scope of new materials and new processes in construction, and made unremitting efforts in the direction of low carbon, environmental protection, green and health。

Inherit Huahui quality only for your home

Inheriting the quality of Huahui, forming a unique development model of the whole industrial chain covering residential decoration design, construction, main material agent, and supporting system of self-owned wood products, determined to become a leading enterprise in China's residential decoration industry。

Huahui advantage

Specializing in the decoration and construction of top mansions and luxury homes and supporting services, and provide garden landscape, secondary reconstruction, decoration construction and other services。

We have nearly 10,000 independent construction workers, and regular training and guidance, so that they have a strong sense of quality and safety and skilled technical skills。

Huahui's unique "three hearts" construction services: open and transparent construction process, strictly abide by the construction procedures, the whole system joint acceptance system。

The company has architectural decoration engineering design special design grade A qualification,Building decoration engineering professional contracting grade I qualification,Passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008, GB/T50430-2007 "Quality Management System", GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 "Environmental Management System", GB/T28001-2011 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" "threeOne "certification。

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Building curtain wall

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Building curtain wall

From deepening, design, processing, site construction to engineering acceptance in the technology, management and quality control of a complete set of solutions。The construction team, with many years of large-scale engineering experience, can complete a variety of complex curtain wall construction and maintenance work。

Huahui curtain wall project

Shanghai Huahui decoration engineering Co., LTD,Founded in 1996,As one of the core industries of the group, building curtain wall engineering,Huahui Curtain wall is a one-stop solution provider of curtain wall system integrating product research and development, engineering design, precision manufacturing, construction and installation, and consulting services,It is a new curtain wall company with unique characteristics and the most growth。

Advanced technology and design concept,Innovative enterprise project information management mode,The unique project operation management mode of "no subcontracting and no attachment",Marketing network and service team covering central cities across the country,Unique competitive multi-directional integrated project cooperation,Huahui curtain wall adheres to innovation and service first,Interpretation of architectural art with cutting-edge curtain wall technology,Realize the beauty of architecture,It left behind landmark buildings in major cities。

Huahui Curtain Wall is committed to the research and development of green buildings and sustainable building products, fully digest and absorb the international leading design concepts, and strive to practice the concept of "green building future"。Diversified products and highly targeted design services can fully meet the personalized requirements of architects and owners, so that the building has a more distinctive theme and era characteristics。

Huahui curtain wall is committed to the perfect combination of engineering technology and architectural art and continuous innovation,The curtain wall of Shanghai COSCO Two Bay City, Shanghai Hongnan Investment Building, Shanghai Shengbang International Building, Shanghai Wenli Building, Shanghai Kadi Financial Building, Beijing Zhongguancun International Mall, Shanghai Jinluo Store transportation hub, Zhejiang Changxing East Runming Mansion, Shanghai State Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd. office building and a series of super high-rise units have been built successively。

The company now has a special grade A qualification for architectural decoration engineering design, a Grade I qualification for professional contracting of architectural decoration engineering, a Grade I qualification for professional contracting of architectural curtain wall engineering, a Grade B qualification for special design of architectural curtain wall engineering, and a grade III qualification for professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering,It is a member of China Building Decoration Association, Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, and a trustworthy enterprise in Shanghai。The company has also established academic exchanges and technical cooperation with famous foreign design firms。

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Other industries

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Woodcut wood products research and development

Zhejiang Junhui Industrial Co., Ltd. belongs to Shanghai Huahui decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. independent company。The company was established in May 2009 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan。Located in the scenic Lianghu Town industrial park, only 3 away from the city.5 km, 72 km from Hangzhou, 62 km from Ningbo, 180 km from Shanghai, the traffic is very convenient。The company covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters。The factory covers an area of 23,651 square meters, with modern office buildings, staff dormitories, cantons and other production and living facilities, and the greening and beautifying environment in the factory is neat and elegant, with a total investment of 80 million yuan。The introduction of curtain wall processing center equipment with international and domestic advanced technology level, the manufacture of wood veneer products furniture of large thickness precision automatic production line equipment。

The former company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 200 people, the company is mainly committed to high-grade wood products research and development, design, production and installation。The main products covered wooden door series,Custom wood finishes,木框,酒窖,Flat furniture,American furniture and other products,It is widely used in high-end residential buildings,Star hotel,Office block,Large public buildings and private villas,In particular, the annual production of 80,000 square meters of aluminum curtain walls and doors and Windows,Can be decorated in different styles of high-rise buildings。The company is based on "quality first, create first-class enterprise"。To provide customers with high quality service, true return to the society of the enterprise purpose, to create "Junhui brand", and strive to become the industry winner of the business philosophy。The company takes "caring for employees, leading the industry and serving the society as its corporate mission", and sincerely expects strong support from all sectors of society。We will work hard with all employees, keep making progress, and create a better future。

Landscape architecture construction design

Huahui Company has provided professional, quality, comfortable and exclusive garden life experience for hundreds of places。The company has the industry's top design and construction team,We always regard design, research and development and construction capabilities as the core competitiveness of the brand,Focus on revolutionizing the development and user experience of the future of home gardening,Fill the garden with warmth,And insist on constantly facing Shanghai,And even the national customers to provide a variety of high-quality innovative gardening services,Be a firm practitioner of Chinese garden life。Based on unique design concept, standardized management and superb construction technology, we negotiate from the project.The design plan is determined to the supporting construction in the later stage and the follow-up standard maintenance service。One-stop services such as regular return visits will be implemented。For you to create a theme park for your family。Choose us and your garden is our business!

High-grade aluminum alloy doors and Windows research and production

Materials are the basis of quality doors and Windows。 We strictly control the procurement of raw materials and accessories and the precision of structural components. We believe that ecological and environmental protection and durable materials are the first elements of Huahui doors and Windows that are superior to other brands。Selection of national standard industrial aluminum (without chromium), profile wall thickness 1.4~1.6mm(the national standard is 1.2~1.4mm), advanced electrostatic powder or fluorocarbon spraying process, with super anti-fading, anti-corrosion, anti-frost and other weather resistance。With the gradual increase of doors and Windows and curtain walls, affected by the national building energy conservation policy, the proportion of energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and Windows and curtain walls will be greatly increased, and the industry scenario is optimistic。Companies adhering to the "pragmatic, refinement, innovation, supply" business philosophy, adhere to provide our customers with quality service!

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